Retningslinjer for COVID-19

Pt. holder vi åbent hus med tilmelding. Det er et krav, så vi overholder retningslinjerne fra Sundhedsstyrelsen, undgår smittespredning og passer på hinanden. På forhånd tak.

Vi tager de nødvendige forholdsregler, når du besøger Sluseholmen til åbent hus. Der står håndsprit ved hovedindgangen, og vi beder jer benytte dette, når I ankommer. Tilsvarende skal I bære mundbind, holde afstand til hinanden og respektere dette. Vi beder om, at du IKKE tager børn, familiemedlemmer eller andre, som ikke skal bo i lejligheden, med. Her på Sluseholmen holder vi sammen – og i denne forandrede tid er vi fælles om at passe på hinanden.

Vi gør opmærksom på, at der kan forekomme lidt ekstra ventetid. Vi glæder os til at tage imod jer.

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The urban community of the future

Sluseholmen is Copenhagen’s new canal community, drawing inspiration from Holland with quiet canals and distinctive façades. But apart from the stunning architecture in rural settings, Sluseholmen is also based on an idea: that living in a city apartment should be an experience. Copenhagen’s population is expanding fast, which means we need to make use of all the available space we have. That makes it possible to build apartments where the focus is on aesthetics and function, whilst creating convivial outdoor spaces, communal facilities and the opportunity for collective activities indoors and out. That’s how we can create the perfect setting for a strong community.

There are 37 different ‘family constellations’ in Denmark, and trends indicate that residential areas with a high level of diversity are more attractive than homogeneous areas.

Given that there are more of us – in family units and in towns as a whole – we need to find new ways of accommodating us all. That means new ways of thinking when it comes to where and how we live. Homes have to be flexible and accommodating. We believe that future innovative interior design will implement a range of functions that enable people to accommodate their daily needs.

Greenhouses at Sluseholmen are growing the community spirit

Both plants and relationships will be encouraged to grow in new ways at Sluseholmen. To encourage the community spirit, Gröning Arkitekter have designed a range of greenhouses for one of Sluseholmen’s courtyards. The idea has been to create a space where residents are able to engage in collective activities and get to know each-other. These heated greenhouses is a focal point, where plants and relationships between neighbours can both be cultivated.

Concept apartments for the particular

Apartments to rent ideally needs a broad appeal. But if you think that ‘broad appeal’ sounds a bit dull, perhaps the new concept apartments we have on the drawing board are something for you? It doesn’t all have to be clinically white and shiny – does it? An apartment with a spectacular location needs spectacular – or at least personal and alternative – interior design. Whether your taste leans towards Parisian Metro tiles, raw Berlin concrete or the spacious New York loft – the possibilities are endless.

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Healthy living

A state-of-the-art ‘health centre’ opened its doors for Sluseholmen’s residents in 2021. The centre houses doctors, a pain clinic and a pop-up pharmacy – and other specialists are expected to join later such as a dentist and physiotherapist.

Metro station on the way

In 2024 a new metro station will open its doors right around the corner from Sluseholmen.

Madslusen – gastronomy and urban living

Madslusen will be the place where Sluseholmen’s residents meet. And they can do so indoors and out. There will be restaurants, cafés and sandwich bars. Some of them will be familiar concepts while others will be cutting-edge – and naturally, something for a quiet evening in or a great evening out. Because you should be able to enjoy the buzz of urban life right there where you live.

Award-winning school – and a new one on the way

The award-winning ‘Skolen i Sydhavnen’ is placed on Teglholmen, just 5 minutes bike ride from Sluseholmen. This is by no means a run-of-the-mill school, with its imaginative and award-winning architecture. And there’s more on the way in terms of facilities for the younger residents. A totally new school is planned in Sluseholmen itself, just north of the Sjællandsbroen bridge.

We’re building studio apartments

247 studio apartments will be ready for students and young people at Sluseholmen in mid-2024. Apartments built for those who want to live near the city center and the water. Some of them may attend university, others are apprentices while others have just started their careers.

Read more about the studio apartments here

We have apartments in all sizes.

For everyone from the big family to the couple. Or a two bedroom apartment for the single life. And soon studio apartments for the younger generation.