Retningslinjer for COVID-19

Pt. holder vi åbent hus med tilmelding. Det er et krav, så vi overholder retningslinjerne fra Sundhedsstyrelsen, undgår smittespredning og passer på hinanden. På forhånd tak.

Vi tager de nødvendige forholdsregler, når du besøger Sluseholmen til åbent hus. Der står håndsprit ved hovedindgangen, og vi beder jer benytte dette, når I ankommer. Tilsvarende skal I bære mundbind, holde afstand til hinanden og respektere dette. Vi beder om, at du IKKE tager børn, familiemedlemmer eller andre, som ikke skal bo i lejligheden, med. Her på Sluseholmen holder vi sammen – og i denne forandrede tid er vi fælles om at passe på hinanden.

Vi gør opmærksom på, at der kan forekomme lidt ekstra ventetid. Vi glæder os til at tage imod jer.

+45 45 26 01 02 eller

Studio apartments by the water

Slusebro will be finished by February 1st 2024 with 247 studio apartments for students and young people at Sluseholmen. Slusebro is built for those who want to live near the city center and the water. The architecture inspires life – both everyday life as well as an active life on, by and in the water. The building enables the residents to be active together and recharge separately. Some of them may attend university, others are apprentices while others have just started their careers. What they all have in common is a desire to live differently and make a difference – for the people the live with and for the planet. And Slusebro allows them to do just that by being designed for community and a life on the water.

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The construction is now in its final stages and the building is finished. We’re now working on installing and finetuning the interior. Two exhibition apartments will be ready from October, allowing you to see the great facilities. Sign up for open house at Sundays between 14-15.

Sign up to the waitlist and open house list, then you might be one of the first lucky ones to move into Slusebro.

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Designed in corporation with the new residents

What’s most important when creating apartments for young people; proximity to the city, access to facilities or something else? Rather than just assuming the answers, we have included the target group’s preferences when designing e.g., common areas, activities, and traditions.

The result is modern apartments with comfort at the front and center. And with the possibility of a social and active everyday life.

A home by the water

Go for a morning swim in the harbour bath or SUP evening cruise in the Copenhagen harbour. Or how about a good workout in the kayak?

The possibilities are endless when you live right by the water, so we want the apartments to have their very own SUP’s and kayaks available. That’s one of the areas where a dialogue with future residents helps ensure the perfect facilities from the beginning.

A certified construction

What does a that mean? The studio apartments’ construction is expected to receive the DGNB Gold certification, where areas such as environmental quality, economical quality, social quality, technical quality, process quality and area quality are emphasized.

Read all about it here.

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Apartments and common areas

Built for a community and for you.

The 247 studio apartments are between 30-70 m2 with bath, toilet and kitchenette and space for both a bed and a desk.

If you want to socialize with your neighbours, you can hang out in the common areas which include a kitchen, study zones, gym, party room and outdoor facilities such as water activities and a roof top.

A part of Sluseholmen

The new apartments are located at Sluseholmen; a modern canal community in Sydhavnen with the Copenhagen harbour and Amager Fælled as your neighbours. If in need of anything, you won’t have to look far as a coffee house, bike shop, supermarket and Lagkagehuset are just around the corner.

And so is the water, so a dive in the morning or kayak cruise in the evening will be a natural part of the residents’ everyday routine.

At Sluseholmen it’s possible to live your life by and on the water, in the surrounding nature – and still be in the city center within minutes. And that will be even faster in 2024, when a new Metro line opens right across from Slusebro.

Want to know more?

Slusebro is located on the southern part of Kastanjeholmen. The construction has already begun and the apartments will be ready on February 1st 2024.

Stay updated on this page if you want to be one of the first to know more about the new studio apartments.